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BENEMAX Vegan Evening Primrose Oil (60 sgels)

BENEMAX Vegan Evening Primrose Oil (60 sgels)

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  • Brighter, more beautiful skin,with our easy to swallow softgels & high potency formula
  • Entirely plant based
  • Carrageenan, Preservative and Nut FREE
  • Made in Canada in a GMP Facility
  • Great hormone balancing
  • Description

    Benemax - Vegan Evening Primrose Oil - 60 Softgel - NPN: 80091410 -- Brighter, more beautiful skin, easy to swallow softgels and a high potency formula which maximizes skin brightness, tightness and integrity. This formula also helps to balance those pesky hormones which often get in the way of bright and blemish-free skin! Dont be afraid to check out our amazing EPO today!In addition to these amazing skin effects, this Evening Primrose Oil is also a great hormone balancing agent with regards to Womens Hormones. Helpful to soothe symptoms of PMS, dysmenorrhea and many more conditions!

    INGREDIENTSEvening Primrose Oil 1 000 mg; Providing: Gamma linolenic acid 100 mg
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