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Citizen Tea

CITIZEN TEA Poor Weather Tea

CITIZEN TEA Poor Weather Tea

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Citizen Tea - Poor Weather Tea - 100 Gram(s) - NPN: 00000000 -- No matter what, it always seems you wind up sick at the most inconvenient times. Ever. The night before your big date, the morning of that huge presentation, or the day before your trip to that all-inclusive youve been dreaming about for years. And we sympathize. To show you how much we care, weve brought to you a blend exclusive to the CitizenTea wellness line. Poor Weather contains fennel, which works to help aid in inflammation and comfort achy joints and peppermint that will soothe your sore throat and relieve you from congestion. To top it off, strawberry, blackberry and raspberry come together to create a cheery, caffeine-free blend to further help beat those poor weather blues.

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